Thetis for the Thankful

I don’t know how to start this entry about Thanksgiving Camp.  I keep trying to write some epic intro, but they all seem to pale in comparison.  So I’ll be blunt. Thanksgiving Camp… Continue reading

University is Awesome

UNIVERSITY IS AWESOME! There, I said it. And it’s completely true. It was ten years ago this week that I was moving into Brandon Hall as a first year student at McMaster University.… Continue reading

The Last Waffle

This is a love letter I wrote to OCADU during the final evening of our Waffle Week events this year.  It inspired some interesting comments from students.  If anyone thought it was bad… Continue reading

Booklets, Typefaces, and New Ways to See

Late last year, as the first term was wrapping up, I pitched an idea to a new student in our community.  She was an incredibly gifted graphic design student who loved Jesus and… Continue reading

We Go Live In…

Well, it’s a mere three hours before all of my family descends on my house for our family Christmas gathering.  This is the first year I’m hosting everyone, and there are still a… Continue reading

The Kingdom of God is kinda like… Well, it’s kinda like this.

As a part of the Urbana Theatre team, I get to write about the experiences of creating and rehearsing sketches for December’s Urbana Missions Conference. Recently I wrote the following blog post. Since… Continue reading

A Lighter Load

It’s hot and muggy in this house, and there are boxes that need to be unpacked.  I keep looking at them; they look at me; we’re both at a stand still. I moved… Continue reading

Runaway Sower

“LoL Kayne; if there was ever anyone who was too self-involved, it is that guy. This is truly a sign that God is all-powerful.” This is the humorous response I received from a friend recently… Continue reading

An Invitation To Mark

This is a modified version of blog posted last year.  It seemed to strike a chord.  190 students said yes to studying Mark and Genesis last year, so I thought I’d re-post it… Continue reading

Grace, Promise, and a Royal Mess

For the past few months I’ve been reading over the stories of the kings of Israel and Judah in my devotional times.  I am slowly making my way through the Old Testament, and… Continue reading